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1947 Buick Roadmaster 76C

Guest Harry Ives

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Guest Harry Ives

What is the preferred method for installing the convertible rear rigid tack strip into the metal channel which is riveted to the main body sheet metal?

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Here is what I did when I restored my '48 56-C some years back:

1. Drill out or grind off the rivets so the tacking strip retaining channel can be removed from the car.

2. Carefully cut a series of notches in the top flange of the channel so that the flange can be bent up to allow the old tacking strip material to be removed.

3. Glass beaded the channel to remove old paint/rust and repainted with rust-inhibiting paint.

4. Installed attaching screws in the channel to replace the original rivets.

5. Installed new tacking strip. Short lengths can be shaped and cut to fit the curved sections of the channel. If I recall, two types of tacking strips are available. The dense, layered cardboard type similar to original or plastic strip should both be available from upholstery supply vendors. If you can't find the correct size tack strip, you could probably make it from several layers of door panel cardboard glued together.

6. After the strips are installed, fold the flanges back over to lock the strips in place and secure the channel to the car with nuts on the inside.

I did this almost 20 years ago and it has held up great. Hope this helps.

Mike Lawson

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Guest Harry Ives

Dear Mike:

Many thanks for your reply. Your input is indeed quite helpful and will be incorporated.

Harry Ives

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