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PA Residents! Good news

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wagonsteve....I would but the one car is a 1996, so it's only able to go to Classic. The other, a 2000 will be eligible in 2015. They are outside the YOM plate requirements...which is why I wanted to use the white/purple classic plates. Unless something changes in 10 years or so with the YOM plates....I've been saving a few purple antique plates for the future.

I do have a 1972 Plymouth with a YOM tag.

Since all this started, I was given another tag that came up as "available" in the PA vanity/vintage tool on line. It came up as "available". I went to my local tag service today and did the transfer/title change. We'll see how it pans out.

The person I spoke to at PENNDOT told me to use the on-line tool to see if a Classic plate is available. Apparently, if it's out of the system for so many years (I think 10) it can be used....just take the plate to the tag service.

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