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'64 Buick Riviera starting


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Here's one that is puzzling me. When my '64 Riv is parked in my drive slightly uphill, it is hard to start, as in not getting fuel but cranks well.

When I park it headed downhill, it fires right off.

Is fuel draining away from the fuel pump and I need a new one? Or is there/should there be a check-valve in the fuel line?

Any ideas? Ray

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The check valve is built into the fuel pump. If you are not sure how old the fuel pump is, that might be worth changing. I suspect the ethanol in our gas today is messing with the rubber in the fuel pump.

I have heard of guys putting a small electric fuel pump right where the steel lines end and the rubber fuel hose begins (up to the fuel pump, under the passenger door). You hit that fuel pump switch for a minute before you crank and that puts fuel all back up in the carb.

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