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Leather Fan Belt For 1924 Big 6

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If you have to wait on one and would still like to drive your car, you can buy a serpentine belt

and flip it to the smooth side. This works very well and you can stash it under the seat for emergency road repairs when your leather belt arrives.


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I have two different sizes leather belts in stock but i am not sure which is which.

Please put a string where the belts would go and measure the string.

I can than measure the belts i have.$50.00 postpaid in the US.

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i have a serpentine belt running rightside up on the 27 i am wording on.i also use a serpentine belt on my antique southbend lathe,it takes quite a bit of abuse and works great.leather belting for these old lathes is still available,as well as adhesive and there are a few sites that show the splicing in detail.

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