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1958-1960 Birds


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HEY WIN 1941,

I have a59 Squarebird. Originally a Prescott, AZ car and from what I was told, it came to California and then ended up back in Prescott.

It went though a ground up rest in 1999-2000, by Jim Jacobs in Prescott. It was a 60's style resto, with the original engine, a 352, having to be replaced. It would not run properly with the Dual Quad Holly 750's. The new engine is a 64 390ci, heavy duty truck, block. It was slightly bored .030, which is a normal bore on a rebuild, or so I am told. It has upper and lower Edlebrock with Shelby Head covers and matching Oil Pan. Engine compartment is all color matched, if it's not painted it chromed.

The interior is velvet like, Button Tuck. Again all color matched dark and light green.

The exterior is Mint Green, a color that was available in 59, but as an option. It came out in 60 with a different name.

Has chrome Spoke wheels.

I have had Tranny problems from day one, lots of leaking and tranny over heats in a parade or cruze (slow driving) setting.

Finally lost forward gears, just slips and does not move. I checked fluid levels and made sure they were right. Let it warm up and finally got a little reverse, but still no forward. Guess I will end up taking it to the Tranny Shop as soon as I can find a trailer.....

Anyway, here are a couple of pics. There are more in the Gallery.



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I'm looking at a '60 Bird on eBay. It needs some work, mostly cosmetic, maybe some engine work also. I am familiar with the 55-57 2 seater market, but not as much with the 4 seaters. How is the market for the square birds right now? Do these cars need to be really high point cars to get attention from buyers? Any problems to know about that they are known for? Thanks!


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Hey folks.I'm new here,first timer.I have a 60 Bird Golde Top.From what I have found out it's one of 6 made as it also has a kilometer speedometer.It was made in Deerborn and exported to Germany.There is a German insignia on the grill and the info plate under the hood is in German.Pretty interesting.It was born Raven Black but had been changed to Red before I got it.Nice cruiser.

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