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Fargo FN1 08 decode sn

Guest qda

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I am trying to get my Farg0 going and am curious what the original equipment was. What does sn 90508874 decode as?

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Guest Richie09

I don't have a Fargo, its a Plymouth 1940 model Pt-105.

Not familiar with plates on firewall as every '39-'47 (my personal interest) has only passenger door jam plates (as far as the trucks go) with serial number, gross weight and model number. The other smaller plate mainly identifies the cab style.

As I said, the serial number sequence should I.D. the place of mfr. and the year it was made (up to 1954 according to Allpar.com). So far in my limited experiance with Fargo, I have no reason to think they did things different than Dodge or Plymouth in those years.

I thought the Aussy web page that I included in my first message would help a lot because the first five digits of the serial number plate are the same as his, as is the model number, usuall for the last part of the serial to be sequence for that run only.

Just now realized that I missed the origional question..the only way I know how to find out how it was optioned is to get a build sheet, which was a checkoff card. I know Crysler Historical will try to get a copy for you off of microfich records for American made trucks.

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