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1964 Wildcat is meeting a nasty end

Guest InkedGhandi

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Guest InkedGhandi

Recently my '64 wildcat decided to stop running. And I need some major help figuring out the problem. The starter was re-manufactured no more than a week ago, the battery is new, as is the alternator, and I replaced the ignition coil, ignition switch, and also changed the fusible links. And it wont turn over for anything. Everything else comes on except for the starter. And I have had the battery and starter tested and they both test good. So any help would be highly appreciated.

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Can you use a remote starter button/cable between the bat and the SOL terminal on the starter?

This would eliminate everything but the battery and the starter.

That would be the starting point I would use.

If it still won't turn the engine over, then look for the starter ground or check the starter again.

Did you check for starting after each item was changed or do a major changing without testing each?

Sometimes a simple item is overlooked in the changing of a lot of parts.

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