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Best Tire Selection

Guest Bryanmorris

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Guest Bryanmorris

I'm looking for advice on the best tires to place upon a 65 lesabre Convertible. 15x5.5 wheels. Once completed, this car will enjoy no more than 3000 miles a year, town and highway. Modest whitewalls of course:)



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If you intend to show, or to "experience" the car as it was built in 1965, repro bias-ply are the thing.

If the car will be more of a cruiser than a show car, a set of 215 or 225/75R15 radials will work best, and most will have a moderate (3/4" to 1") whitewall.

# # #

Trouble is, what I think should be a common tire size is now dicey to find. I have been azzing around for three weeks trying to get North American made tires in 225/15 for my Custom Cruiser (ya don't want all the details, but it has to do with vandalism :mad:). Every tire store in town had to special order them with a two-day lead time. The new tires were supposed to be installed Saturday morning, but for whatever unknown reason only two of them showed up. They couldn't be reordered until Monday which meant they would be next Wednesday getting there.

I was already highly p-o'd because of the circumstances under which I was buying tires, and finally told the tire store owner I did not intend to spend my whole week of vacation fooling with getting tires put on that car and he could either get me the tires or he couldn't- which one was it gonna be?

Shoulda got my buddy to order them for me thru his Tire Rack account and just had them installed here. I'd have come out WAAAAY ahead.

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No Sam's club around ? 215x70x15 should be common. Think I would prefer something larger but a 225x70x15 needs at least a 6" rim. Most 75 series tires seem to be for trucks these days.

I prefer to buy tires at Sam's because the prices are good and they are everywhere. Michelins have a $70 rebate on 4 going on now.

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