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Headers for 68 Impala


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When I pulled the completely blown 6 cylinder out of my 59 Biscayne I dropped in a 68, 327. Factory 4 barrel, duel exhaust with single hump heads. Nice. Still have the motor. All original.

Had to have headers. Had a duplicate of original, dual exhaust system fabricated with the stock, (flat), mufflers.

To make a long story short....I hated the headers. Loved the sound. Hated the burns on me and the spark plug wires.

Anything you do to the car... they are in the way. Just a pain. They get ugly after a while.

I went back and forth with headers to stock manifolds several times when I owned the car and when I sold the car, the headers were in the trunk.

Do what you want but a duel exhaust system with cast iron is maintenance free and sounds good. And no leaks.

My 2 Cents. Been there done that.

Bill H

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You might want to think twice about headers. They are very noisey in the car, even with quite mufflers. Ex. manifolds are made out of cast iron for a reason.


Most new car do not use cast iron headers. Most manufacturers today are using stainless tubular headers for more efficiency.

Just make sure your new headers for your Chevy are emission certified for your car. I believe your car has air pump tubes to the iron stock exhaust manifolds and your headers should have this provision welded in so you can use the AIR tubes.

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Headers are fine in most cars. I have headers on my 69 Nova with no problems, other than excess heat in the engine compartment.As for noise, no concerns there. You might get a starter heat-soak problem with headers,though. If you do decide to go with headers, get a GOOD exhaust gasket for them. I do not recommend the cheap, white gasket from Mr. Gasket. They'll burn through in a short matter of time.

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Why headers? Most of us are into preserving the stock options on our vehicles. You did not mention the engine size etc., but to change out the exhaust system on a heavy Impala will not dramatically improve your performance. Might sound real cool, but other problems could and will surface. Gaskets and flange port openings are a critical matchup. Above comments are absolutely correct about looking at the whole exhaust system. Personally, I have headers on a 62 Vette, and I can't wait to get rid of them and go stock.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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