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Seeking The Following Pontiacs!


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I am seeking to buy the following Pontiacs.

I am seeking to buy a Mint 1973 Pontiac GTO with the 455 V8 and either a 4 speed or automatic Trans.Car must be super mint original low mileage creampuff or restored mint original.

I am also seeking a Mint 1977 Pontiac Bonniville 2 dr coupe that is two tone silver with red interior with the 301 V8 and with various options.

Please contact me if you know of such cars for sale.

Does anybody in Struthers,Ohio know of a Mint 1977 Pontiac Bonniville 2 dr silver with red velour interior that was for sale

by a local man there? I believe he sold it and wish to buy it if possible.The car had 40K original miles on it with original wire hubcaps and was mint.

Thank You-


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