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1928 Studebaker Commander Pistons

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I am rebuilding a 1928 Studebaker Commander with 3-7/8" bore. I need at least .020 oversize pistons. I am not particular about replacement being cast iron or aluminum. I have 2 questions:

1. Is there a recommended source for replacement pistons?

2. Has anyone tried with success to use a standard 3-7/8" modern piston from another make with minumal if any modifications?


Glenn Manes

Wheat Ridge CO


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  • 3 years later...

Did you ever manage to find a source for the 1928 Big 6 pistons?

I am also looking for a set of oversized pistons, any leads appreciated!!!

Or a source for piston rings, as we could rebore the engine, then sleeve and bore out to the current size, this would be a last resort though.


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Earl, thanks for the details I will pass them on to my mate who is looking for the pistons.

Glenn out of interest do you remember how much the pistons cost you and I assume it was the big 6 pistons that you had them make, as per the original post here.



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