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Hi can any one tell me what size the headlight bowls are on the 1957 Buick Super, I'm here in England and one of the things we have to do is change out the headlights for use on the other side of the road. You cant just swap them over they have to bee UK spec, I just need the size...are they 7"

Thanks for your help.

Post here or email me below


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I second Brad. 7" is correct. I am puzzled as to why you need to change them out for driving on the other side of the road? I realize that across the pond you drive on the opposite side, but what does changing the headlights over do? Wouldn't they just have to be re-aimed and not changed out? Just a question.


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Yes you would have thought that, and many people make that mistake. But the UK road authorities who insist that every car older than 3 years has to undergo a road inspection every year, deemed that there is not enough adjustment available and that they would rather see that a car has got lights specifically designed to dip for our roads. Without passing this and other points you cant get a cert of roadworthyness, therefore it is not allowed on UK roads.

Hey ho.....

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