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ID cars - photo from a museum in Benson AZ

Peter Gariepy

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I have a friend that volunteers for a small museum in Benson AZ and he is attempting to ID the makes of the in the photograph. I believe that the car on the left is a 49-51 Ford, but the other one is of unknown origin to me. I'm totaling guessing here but I thought it could be a 52 Plymouth? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Best regards,

Kevin in Tucson


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Dave, you may be correct, but the chrome side trim on the "other" one said Lincoln Cosmopoliton to me. Even the tail light .

Bottom of pic says early 1940s. ???


1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan: 5_-_1950_Lincoln_Cosmopoliton_Capri_Coupe.JPG

1950 Olds 98: 53217845_pr.jpg

I have no doubt it's an Olds 98. There were less than 4000 of these made (as convertibles), so it was pretty rare even then.

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forgot to add "as convertibles" (see edit history)
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