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wanted 2-4bbl heads for 1956


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hi ron, the 1956 pontiac factory dual quad set up is alot more than just the intake manifold and the right number heads, the 522935 heads were factory milled to achive 10 to 1 compression ratio. you'll need a number 6 mckellar cam, special distributor, several more special parts to complete the set up. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Hey Charles, thanks for info, I have been able to find the cam and dist,you mention a few other special parts.I know to be correct I will need a right side valve cover(no luck on that yet)

can you guide me on the small parts I'm missing? Thanks Ron

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There is two cams used on the 285hp engine, the first one is the Part # 522869 (which my uncle ran in I/SA). The second cam is the # 6 cam part # 524886 which has less intake and exhaust duration. The head cast is # 522010 and milled for 10:1 compression. The intake manifold is Part #523554. You will need 3/32" longer intake and exhaust valves over stock for proper rocker arm geometry and heavy duty valve springs and special lifters stamped "A". Your two 4bbls should be model # 7009820. Your distributor should have the model # 1110875 and coil # 1115099. You will want to use A/C 44 spark plugs.

Let me know if you need any other part #'s


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