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Need paint and pin stripe recommendations

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Finally found a local body/paint guy who can tackle the rock chips, scratches, and a few pin pricks of rust as well as a small dent without charging me as much as I originally paid for the car (I don't know how the Germans can pay these prices?! Then again, even with gas going for almost $8 a gallon on the local economy, they still drive like they're part of one of the car chase scenes in "Ronin":eek:).

To help keep the costs down, I have to order the materials myself. The main issue will be the yellow paint. I will need enough paint to redo the hood and cover where the dent will be taken out (drivers side rear quarter panel). I also am looking for recommendations for who has the best matching paint.

Also, because of the location of the dent, he said the pin stripe will need replacement on that side of the car (from the door to the rear corner). Since he said it is a tape, would a dealership be a good source? Parts store?

Any and all assistance would be really, really appreciated.

Mille grazie.

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I bought touch up paint, and a spray bomb, last year for mine, it was yellow as well. My local paint supplier had two offerings- one was fairly cheap, which did not match, the other was much more expensive and matched perfectly. Any reputable supplier should be able to supply the paint with the paint code. In case you didn't know, it's located on the underside of the hood on the drivers side rear.

I noticed over the years that pin striping does not hold up well. Personally I would replace all the striping.

Good luck.


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Sorry, should have mentioned that that key data plate was missing when I got the car.

On Paintscratch.com, they list the paint for the 1989 TC as FY4 or 231.221. Elsewhere on this forum, I found a really old thread (2006) that said the code was PPG 82673. I've even seen where someone recommended a particular paint--Dupont/Centari G9056A.

Anyone able to tell me what has worked for them?

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When I had my 89 repainted red I drop the pin strip, and the side rubber. I like the cleaner look. But my body guy said it was still avaible thru most detail shop. I would think your body man would know. good luck

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This doesn't get any easier.

I just checked a couple of pinstriping websites and there are alot of colors available. So now I have two questions:

Can someone PLEASE tell me what off-the-shelf paints--if any--are an exact match for a 1989 yellow TC?

Is there a part # for the pinstripes or at least the name of the color?


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Like I said before, no. Every paint producer is going to have a slightly different hue to their paint. The code on my '90 is PPG# 321.221.

If you intend to spot paint, it is going to be extremely difficult to do because the paint is 20 years old and consequently impossible to match. I painted mine at the door sill so the sun was effecting it for 20 years. If you are doing a full paint the difference will not matter.

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