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Guest Irv D

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Guest Irv D

Anyone know how to remove the lock cylinder from a 1950 DeSoto trunk latch/lock assembly? I am having this piece rechromed - and must remove the lock cylinder prior to the process.

I am attaching a photo of the trunk latch assembly (installed on car). The lock cylinder is in the middle of the trunk latch turn handle - but is not very clear in the picture.

Any help is appreciated...........Irv D


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From the factory repair manual for your car:

Step 1, Remove lock and light assembly by removing nuts holding assembly under compartment lid.

Step 2, Remove screw holding plate above lock cylinder.

Step 3, Insert key in lock cylinder and turn it clockwise until plunger may be depressed. The lock cylinder may then be removed.

There is an illustration showing the back of the latch assembly and a pair of hands depressing the plunger with a small screwdriver. The plunger is on the top of the lock offset to one side. When you take off the handle assembly and look at the back, it should be obvious where the plunger or catch is, that holds the lock in place.

Incidentally this is a generic set of instructions applicable to Plymouth Dodge DeSoto and Chrysler. Evidently they all used the same style of lock.

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Guest 1950ChryslerWindsor

How do I remove the cylinder if I don't have the original key. I've purchase a replacement cylinder and keys and need to install it

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