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Power Antennas many years


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WARNING unless you like taking your fenders almost completely off -- Do not buy the following cheap crap power antenna. It's made by Metra Electronics and is the same, only power antenna I've seen aftermarket sold online and in most all auto supplies.

I purchased on in March 2010 and in 3 months it was grinding the ribbon teeth because the limit switch had went out. I pulled it and replaced it with another one and a year later this one isn't wanting to come up.

Sorry if it seems like I'm bitchin, which I am, but I'm sick of these crappy electronics we are sold. Just trying to keep anyone else from having to go through the same difficult process of switching these out. Make sure you find a power antenna made by a different manufacturer and not model AW-


That said does anyone know of a source for other power antennas? Car's going to paint Friday and I'll have them switch it out while it's there.


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When I first got my '85 the antenna was stuck in the up position as the filament inside was broken. I got one from a vendor in Texas but the mechanics that tried to install it said it was non-functional. They said they had to take the hood off to install it. They got a different one from another source which still works well but I don't know who it was and it was a lot more expensive. I later found out from a stereo installer that the hood removal would not have been necessary as he has a different way to install it. Also as I remember I later found out the antenna was still available from GM dealers. Have you tried that route?

Bruce W.

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Guest LoneStarRiviera

I need to replace the antenna in my '84 vert, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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