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All of the kids in my son's second grade get "birthday books" made up of drawings and well wishes from their classmates. Since Woody's birthday is in the summer and tomorrow is the last day of school, the kids drew a bunch of pictures and the teacher stapled them together in a book.

This is what Woody's friend Caleb drew:


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Yes, Mike, that would make him a "Limited"! Are you sure you don't want to fill the garage with some more? Nothing wrong with a few hands to help you wrench :D

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Guest Rob McDonald

Caleb gamely tried to capture the sweepspear and the two-toning that are so essential to Buick styling of the time. This little artist is really challenged though, because there are so few such bold motifs in the design of most of today's cars. They are getting better, though. Happy birthday, Woody, hope you like the new station wagon, too.

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