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found the following plugs that have 5/8" (16mm) hex, AND are stocked

@ advance auto

champion "ra8hc"

@ napa

champion "cha 810" $1.89

ac-delco 41-810 or 41810 $5.39

@ autozone

champion "810"


the NGK and autolite both have an 18mm hex, and do not fit

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With some good technical knowledge about the spark plugs, it *should* be possible to spec out an NGK plug for the 16V heads.

You need to know the hex size (known to be 16mm), the thread size and reach, resistor plug (pretty standard for all cars now days), projector or non projector tip and possibly the reach, heat range, and any special tip design (probably not an issue here).

I'd venture to say that with a little bit of time and searching an NGK plug could be sourced easily.

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