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Saw a beautiful McFarlan today

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Went to the Fayette County Museum today to look at the cars on display. WOW! For a small Museum it was very nice. The Mcfarlan I went to see was too late of a car to be powered by a Teetor Hartley engine. But I have to share these photos with all of you.




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You mentioned in your other post that T-H sold their engine business to Anstead in 1919. I have a copy of The Specification Book for American Cars 1920-1929. That give the manufacturer of the 572 engine all the way through as T-H (I see it is six cylinders 4 1/2" x 6"). Perhaps Anstead just continued making the engine for McFarlan as long as they wanted it. Or maybe they had a whole buch of block castings and took a long time to use them up. I wonder if they were dated.

We have a similar situation with a lawn mower engine my kids have - a 250cc side valve single. Ransomes bought the engine building part of Sturmey-Archer (more well known for their bicycle gear parts) in about 1929. The engine we have is 1935 but still has S-A cast on the magneto chain cover. Ransomes continued to build the same design engine into the 1950s, in both 250 and 350cc sizes, although they did change the name on the chain cover.

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nzcarnerd- The info you have on the dates is very interesting. I suppose that the theory that they continued production for the McFarlan could be correct. I will know more June 5th. When I went to the museum they were actually closed. They seem to keep minimal hours. Only open on Sundays 1 till 4. Even though it was Sunday, it was a holiday weekend. I happened to catch a Board Member there and he let me in for a minute to snap a few pics. The gentleman I really need to talk to will be there Sunday June 5th. So watch for more info next week. As far as the castings go. I would have no idea if they were just using up left over castings. All the info that has ever been found, shows that all the castings were purchased from Continental in Indanapolis. I am going to try to find out more in June.

Ken, Yes it is the museum in Connersville. I have a link for the "Historic Connersville Indiana" But the info on their site is very old. Emails don't work, and the address is incorrect. I found the museum address from friends at work. I am going to talk to them about this on June 5th, and see if any of it can be updated to draw in more people looking for their Museum. I have a contact number for the man in charge if you would like to message me for it. I wont publish it here. The museum is located at 103 Vine Street. It is on the East side of town where State Road 1 and State Road 44 merge by the bridge.

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