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1962 Pushbutton transmission question

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Last fall I removed a 1962 Chrysler 300 from a shed where it had been sitting since 1978 the car it now runs, drives and stops on it's own but the transmission has a problem.

If you are stopped and the drive button is depressed the trans slips bad, when you depress the L button you can feel the transmission engage and the car moves forward normally, while the car is motion if you depress the 2nd gear button it shifts fine into 2nd and when Drive is depressed it goes into drive. The trans seems to shift between 2nd and 3rd and the passing gear (WOT)downshift from 3rd to second works but when you stop the trans slips bad. You have to go through the gears manually again.

If you try and take off in second, the trans does the same thing (just slips)

Reverse seems fine.

I recently put some trans-x in the transmission fluid hoping it would remove any vanish that may have accululated on the transmission valves but it hasn't made a difference yet.

any ideas?


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You should probably change the transmission fluid if that has not been done yet. Also, put a can of B-12 ChemTool in the transmission fluid and drive the car. The B-12 softens up the old seals, which are probably hard and brittle and allowing fluid to pass between seals/clutches/etc. which would make it slip. Don't worry about overfilling the transmission with B-12. It will evaporate eventually, as you drive it.

Pete Phillips

1962 Plymouth Fury 4-dr. sedan

1963 Chrysler New Yorker 4-dr. sedan

Leonard, TX

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