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Aluminum body. What is it??

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Definitely not a Triumph Renown, they had very distinctive "razor edge" lines and it looks too big to be a Triumph Gloria. More likely to be either a Lagonda M45 or a Derby Bentley. The lack of an opening for the luggage trunk and the flap over the petrol filler are unusual as are the tail light mountings and numberplate "board". Thinking about it some more, it could be a Crossley from the mid 1930s.


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Looks to be Barker body 1934-1936 (Definite not a Triumph Renown that was post war and prior to Renown similar car was Std 2000 and 1800 sedan - much bigger then this photo it was '6 light; this is a 4 light ) from A Rolls Royce owner saloon - Barker one of the top sellers in the 30s for Rolls Royce (not a Crossley either... Alumium body didn't they do Fabric...?) Is their a body brass plate on the body anywhere or a number? I been Keeping track those Barkers that turn up in magazines as with other makes...

Cheers Julian

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