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Hot Rods That Make Packard Folks Cry


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Probably posting it in it's own thread may get better response.

I don't particularly think putting a '40 grille on a '39 would make anyone cry.;)

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Have to disagree about the difference of the '39 & '40 Packard grille. The '40 has those aweful side pod vents that Ford copied in '41 and made into a truly ugly car.

The '39 Packard grille has those cool pivoting bars and looks more like the earlier, classy cars, that made Packard an icon.:rolleyes:

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I hope when I'm done my car doesn't show up posted on 'Hot Rods That Make Packard Folks Cry'. By the way 'Hotrod' is one word. Street rod is two.

'The thermostatic grille bars were around through 42', if you say so, but not on my '40 Packard 120 Coupe.

My Packard now has a 468 cu. in. big block chevy, 4 speed, power disc front brakes, 9" Ford rear end, A/C etc.

And soon I hope a '39 grille. I'll post pics when I can show some progress.:D


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Restorer, those are fightin' words. Can't we all just get along and do our snickering behind each other's backs like civilized people?

Today's selection comes to you from Loveland, CO and can be yours for 14K. Among it's fine attributes are:

sorry N/A








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I appreciate a well crafted, well designed street rod as much as the next guy. Don't tell anyone but we've even worked on a few. It just bothers me a bit to see an original car rodded but hey, that's what makes this hobby/business/country so great. Free expression is still allowed!

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'The thermostatic grille bars were around through 42', if you say so, but not on my '40 Packard 120 Coupe

As mentioned, the thermostatically controlled grille bars were standard on the Senior cars (160/180) through 1942. The 110s and 120s had stationary bars. However, the 120s had thermostatically controlled shutters through 1939. As for modifying, I agree that it would probably be easiest to replace the whole front clip. Darrin did that to a few 1939 cars that he built, only the other way around. He put 1940 front ends on 1939 cars.

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RE: Post #59

Hey! I made the 'Wall of Shame'! I know the thread's a bit stale and I haven't been on in quite some time but believe it or not I actually agree with the restorers lament re: trashing good vehicles. Read on, but first jump over to the gallery and punch in 'Raw Material Rescue' and have a look at the car that yielded my drivetrain. It was due to be crushed in two weeks at the local junkyard. Everything even remotely reusable in a resto was saved and took up a lot of space in a 12 x 12 box stall for two years. I listed it all here on the forum and there were no takers for anything (dirt cheap) so I GAVE it all to the president of the local Packard club just so it might get used. Fair enough?

As for the drivetrain keep an eye on the obit's for my demise and buy that jalopy to get the motor and tranny. The motor's had a complete overhaul (including hardened valve seats), conv. to 12V, and is bone stock. This yr. I finally took out the '37 junior tranny and replaced it with a '54? unit with R11 overdrive. That means someday someone who's doing a resto can take the whole shebang out and drop it in their car and some unimaginative soul will take my jalopy and put a SBC in it. Fair enough?

In other news: 55Packard will be relieved to know that the car's been repainted. I had to give up on the 1918 style cross having gotten sick to death of giving history lessons and explaining that it wasn't Nazi stuff. There were no graphics on the visor or roof. And my dog's a mutt just like the car, half hound and half Black Lab. He got rescued from a different junkyard, chained out to a coop with his food and water frozen in the bowls.

I just couldn't have that. He actually likes the car too..., he told me so. :-)

The whole idea behind the car was to build something early '50s made from whatever came to hand to a farm kid with no money. It's literally made from junk, the latest yr. part on the thing is a pedal set from a '55 Chevy. It took 5 different Mod A bodies to make one, that's how bad they all were. The frame is homemade etc. etc.

At any rate, no rancor here. This forum provided an incredible amount of help and advice to me during the build and someday when I grow up maybe I'll have a real Packard like you guys. I'll see if I can get a pic attached of the new roller and brush paint job. Hell, maybe I'll make the 'Wall' twice with the same car. :-)



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I need to re-open this thread in light of this new Hemmings ad: "1937 Parkard 110 4 Doors Buffalo Leather & Birds eye ribbon maple wood accents Cadillac tilt telescope w/leather wrapped stering wheel Powder coated Chassis w/mustang 2 front suspension tubular A arms & ford 8:8 rear end w/ leaf springs Engine chevy 350 SB with trans 350 308 gears Custom stainless steel grill & bumpers 2-1/2 all stainless steel exhaust AC vintage air with heat & defrost Electric wipers Price: $86,500"









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