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Gemmer Spark & Throttle Controls

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My ca. 1912 Little Giant bus (in restoration) has Gemmer steering gear, which I doubt was unique to the Little Giant product. The pieces of the spark and throttle controls that I have are shown on the attached photos. Not shown is the brass column which is 1 1/2" OD by 31 1/2" long

1. Does anyone recognize these parts as being the same as another make vehicle? If so, are these pieces being reproduced?

2. If not, is anyone willing to share a photo and dimensions of the pieces I am missing? There should be springs and contacts in the levers, a semicircular part for the levers to ride against, and some other bits to hold everything together. Judging by the pieces I have, the semicircular part should be 8 1/8" hole to hole, and it would be about 4 1/4" outside radius and 3 3/4" inside radius and probably about 1/8" thick (at least where the levers fit over it).


Wayne MacDonald




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Wayne: I just rebuilt my '14 Hudson that has the same Gemmer as you show, only mine is nickle plated. The quadrant you speak of should be brass and the arc can be easily found from the swing of your 2 arms. The arc quadrant should have a inverted "V" groove on both edges. There is a small "V" shaped shoe 3/4" long that rides in this groove and has a spring attached that keeps pressure against the quadrant. The pieces you are missing can be easily made if you are unable to find them.---Bob

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Wayne-- You have exactly what I did my best to describe for you! I think you could fabricate these parts easier than it would be to try to find. I am not literate enough to be able to attach photos. But in your case they were not needed. Glad to have been able to help you out and good luck on your restoration of the Little Giant! --Bob

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