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GUIDE (or Trippe) DRIVING/FOG LIGHT LENSE - 6-5/8" Diameter

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Wanted - Single, or a Pair.

"GUIDE" brand preferred, or will consider Trippe pair

Driving light lense or pair of Fog loght lenses to replace one which broke.

Diameter is 6-5/8 inches

Please Email or PM me

or phone 504-258-3909

Thank You

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Hello Marty,

On June 4th I sent an image via email link, of the only lens I had... At that time you said that Barry Eash would send me an image, which I never received.

You described: "My lens is clear glass with vertical "fluting" and an "X" design centering on the name "Guide" in "script" in a six sided figure. The script is kind of silver colored with a a green backround", I asked if there was a metal shield over the lens, and you did not know..

So I did reply to you.. perhaps you missed my email..

Let me know if you can send an image..



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