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infinity radio unit

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These are hard to find in GUARANTEED WORKING CONDITION (guaranteed working is KEY). When I tried to find one 8 months ago, I got two $50 from the pick and pull junk yard, both had doa tape decks (which I need to have working to use the casette adapter to use my ipod), so I had to return them and get my money back. Most are just old and used and the tape players dead. I had to settle for the infinity radio which was from a 1990 Imperial (same but equalizer is mot the electronic led push button, on the newer ones there are 5 slide adjusters in the same location). I am vert pleased with mine $49 paid on an ebay auction that drew no other bidders but me. In my opinion, these are worth $75 to $150. They cost $295 to rebuild to be like new with warranty at two different factory radio rebuilders I called.

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if your question is do I still have the old non working radio that was original to the chrysler TC the answer is yes I no longer have the car but I know the radio is in my garage if you want a non working original electronic graphic equalizer radio if you want this you can have it for free

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