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1951 Oldsmobile Wiper arms and motor

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Thank you all for help with the transmission problems, hopefully I can get them fixed. Although finishing my brake job and then the rear shocks are next in line, I do have a rather odd question.

I have been fascinated by the wiper system in the car. I have located the wiper motor and internal wiper arms that connect to the motor (which are disconnected), but cant seem to lock down the motor devices that are external just past the hood area, they leak water when I washed the car, and are very loose, I don't know how to secure them on the cowl.

If anybody could please help I would appreciate it, I will dig deep in the service manual to solve the problem, I have though that they are both missing gaskets that would seal them to the frame as they also secure the chrome stripping that wraps around the front windshield.

As always thanks guys, you all are of much help.


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I would rather think the windshield gasket is dried up, broken and leaking water.

Check the floors and matting to be wet. This will rust out the floors if they are not already rusted out. Pull the windshield and back glass and reinstall with new rubber gaskets.


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