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16 Valve for sale in Chicago


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  • 2 weeks later...

The 16 valve sold for $4550 on Ebay. It was clase to my house but it was the wrong color. I am partial to carbernet.

Thanks for asking about my electric car project. Something that was near and dear to my heart.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to the opera. The state of Illinois is corrupt and can not pay its bills. The state decided to address the issue by not making payments to doctors and school districts. The district I worked for was owed 5 million dollars. They decided to RIF all teachers with less than 4 years of service in the district (non-tenured). The auto shop teacher and I both only had 3 years. We were both let go. This all happened two weeks before I was giong to buy $15,000 on batteries and motor controller. The project was just getting exciting.

It did not matter that my Rocket Club completed in the National finals in Washington DC. It did not matter that the kids at the high school (with my financing) were building an electric car. I need not go on because being bitter is self-defeating.

I removed all the things I built for the physics department and the auto shop before I left. The only thing I left was the frame of the Maserati that was going to be the electric car. No wheels, no windows, no lights, no mirrors, no interior, no locks, no steering wheel, no engine parts, no axles, and no vin #. I did leave the front windshield. It is a lebaron windshield and I had no place to store it.

All the parts stripped from the car are in my garage and shed. I have a complete ginger interior except for the seats. The engine is gone. I have a manual transmission, cables, stick shift and console waiting for another time when I can restart the project. So if anyone has a TC without an engine looking for a home, I am all ears.

Currently things are different but good. I am doing project engineering work for the Nestle USA making Laffy Taffy, Crunch, Snow Caps, Baby Ruth, and Butterfingers. I miss the kids, I miss the rocket club and electric car project, but I don’t miss grading papers.

I also might just find a TC to drive and enjoy. I still enjoy reading this forum and hearing about fixes for this unique car.

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