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Engine id Number '61 390


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Can anyone tell me where one would find the id or serial number on the '61 Thunderbird 390 cid V8? I have found a VIN "decoder" but nothing on it shows what number on the VIN is supposed to match the engine number, or where the engine the number is located.

Just trying to find out how to tell if a '61 is a "numbers matching" car.

Thanks for any info.

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You will have to find the casting number on the engine (I'm not sure where that is on a 390) and then check it against a listing of what blocks were used for '61 T-Birds. Ford did not have an engine number stamping that matched the VIN number. All you will be able to confirm is whether the engine in your car is the correct one for the car, not whether you have the original engine.

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I am new to this. I bought dozens of parts for 58-66 T'birds. I need to clean the warehouse and sell what I will not ever use. Let me know what you might need. Tom Inman


'61 T'Bird (unrestored)

'64 T'Bird (restored in the '80's)

'49 DeSoto (3rd owner)

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1948 Chrysler Windsor (unrestored)

1949 Chevy Sedan Delivery (unrestored)

1991 Cutlass Convertable (Son's 1st car)

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