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Trailer to buy

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First of all, be careful buying a used trailer. You can hit as many pitfalls as buying a used car. Be sure to have a good mechanic experienced in trailers check it out before buying. Personally, I would spend the extra dollars and buy new. Particularly if you live in the midwest where many of them are made. Buying direct and picking up from the factory will save you a bundle of money and not get you any one else's problems.

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I totally, but respectfully, disagree.

It's a given that you will have to replace wiring, brakes and tires. Heck if you have a trailer long enough, you'll be doing that anyway. You will also be looking at replacing springs, shackles and bearings. It's part of maintenance. But it certainly isn't as expensive as buying new. A "trailer mechanic" isn't going to tell you any differently.

There are not near as many pitfalls as in buying a used car, but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out carefully. Mainly look at how well it has been maintained. Check weld points, check for rust, joints, etc. If it is good and solid, it's a lot less expensive than buying new, even if you have to replace the above-mentioned items. A good complete overhaul shouldn't set you back more than $1,500-$2,000 on a trailer that has already been well-maintained. Compare that, plus the purchase price, to what a new one will cost.

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