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Wiring on 27 Standard

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I rewired my 1923 McLaughlin Buick myself using the wiring diagram in the little shop manual. Was not that difficult. I just called Rhode Island Wiring RhodeIslandWiring.com and got the correct wire and connectors. I did use their armored cable wire also for the light circuits, and they came out well. They were very helpful also, I just told that what I was doing and they recommended the size of wire. I then bought the wire in bulk and cut to length. Of course they sell the complete harness for what you want if you are so inclined.

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To unimogjohn,

Thanks for info, I have been down toRhode Island Wiring before and have bought from them a few times. I have their catalog. I guess I will use 12 gauge for headlights and battery to ignition. Then 14 gauge for the rest. I'm going to install a 6 Volt headlight relay so the juice will go directly to headlights instead of through switch. Also going to mount a 6 volt horn relay under dash. Thanks


Falmouth, ME

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