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I became a member of this club when web pages did not exist. 1989 I think. I have been out of circulation as far as the club is concerned for a number of years. My car has been in storage for at least ten years. I bought it at the reno swap meet in 1988. It had come from chicago via California. the car was sold to the previous owner through Hemmings. He had it in storage for several years without attempting restoration. the Original owner had done some restoration on the engine before passing away. family sold the car the the fellow I bought it from. I spent about a year working on the car. the steel body parts were dipped to remove rust then resatored to original specs without bondo. the aluminum body was in great shape but some of teh wood had to be replaced. engine, transmission and rear end have been gone through. I also got the knee action shocks working. the car came with original radio under the front seat but is missing the dash control. Dual side mounts with chrome covers and mirrors make for an impressive appearance. i found four like new Lincoln brand wide whiteall tires for it and an additional tail light setup. Much if the small part rechroming has been done but lacks rechroming of bumpers, grill and shell, greyhound emblem very nice but nees rechroming. I have samples from england of the correct mohair interior and all of the prieces needed to make templates for restoration. I restored the interior wood trim. the steering wheel is very nice. i replaced the divider glass and teh winshield class when the top wood was replaced. the original clock below the divider window in back still works good. the is a mother-in law jumpseat in back and silk shades with bud vases as well. A single 45 caliber bullet hole through the ID tag is testimate to the history of the car. A sticker was in the original winshield dated 1930 (Chicago country Club). I restored an original set of 1929 license plates for the car. I have a California Title for the car. there are many extra engine parts, extra transmission and rear gear set. other misc. parts also go with the car. I have invested $20,000 (1989) dollars and one year of my time in restoration. the car is stored in an enclosed 28 foot trailer and has a 1980 ford one ton pull vehicle. I would like to sell all of this as a package for $25,000 (2011) dollars. the current dollars are worth a lot less than the 1989 dollars and my time is worth double that but i will pass this classic to an interested person in hopes of seeing it restored. contact me at bradb97496@hotmail.com

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