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Buicks at Pate - 2011

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Pate takes place at The Texas Motor Speedway between Denton and Fort Worth, Texas, the last weekend in April. It is billed as the third largest automotive swap meet in the nation behind Carlisle and Hershey. It was named after the founder of the Pate Museum in Texas where the swap meet began. After Mr. Pate's death it was moved to the speedway. Charles

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Those covers look older to me, but 15" wheels were optional on the Special...it wouldn't surprise me if most wagons came with 15" wheels.

Then again, my Invicta has a higher level hub cap, so I'm not sure what the basic one would be on the Special.

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The green '61 Special wagon was at the Pate Swap meet last year, too. I walked along behind it as it was being driven to its space. It was way over-priced last year; I didn't run across it this year, but it was obviously there. The interior is a total disaster on that car--door panels, load area panels & siding, all torn, wrinkled, warped; carpet was terrible, upholstery needed re-doing, too. The engine smoked as it was being driven at an idle speed. I don't recall the price from last year, but I remember thinking to myself how over-priced it was.

Missed the '59 LeSabre hardtop. The black Riviera has been rodded & customized with air-bag suspension, and was literally sitting on the ground. There was a very nice, original, unrestored '55 Century 4-door hardtop this year, tri-tone paint in gray, white, and black, very nice. I think the price was around $15,000 if I recall.

Charles,thanks for the photos.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7383

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