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Body Wood Restoration - 1932 Pontiac


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I am in the process of restoring my 1932 Pontiac Deluxe Sport Coupe and have stripped the car down to the structural wood on the body. I am looking for some help on how to take care of this part of the restoration. In general the wood is very good. I need to do some replacement or repair of the wood around the top of the body where the top material is nailed. I also have some wood on the main sill that needs to be replaced. Here are my questions:

1) I was told that West System Epoxy 105 is a very good way to seal the wood. Anybody have any experience with this? Any other products used to seal the wood?

2) West Marine Penetrating Epoxy was recommended for wood that was a bit soft and weathered. It is supposed to make the wood as strong as new. Any experience with this?

3) I have been debating what to do with the joints that seem good. Should I unscrew them, coat with epoxy, glue, and screw them back together or if the joint has lasted almost 80 years don’t fool with it. Just coat with waterproofing epoxy and forget it.

4) Any advice on re-installing screws into existing holes when reconnecting pieces that have to be removed, restored, and replaced? Should a size larger and longer screw be used to get a good bite on the wood after treating? Is there some type of epoxy that you can put in the screw hole to make the joint better? Any other ideas?

5) Some of the nails holding the sheet metal are a bit loose. How do you recommend re-fastening these? Longer? Slightly bigger? Some type of glue in the hole along with the nail?

I appreciate any information you can provide me.


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I'd drill out the holes that are too large and glue in a piece of hardwood dowel! Then I'd drill out a pilot hole and screw the parts back together. Saw a discussion on another web site but will have to go back and reread it as to the consensus as to what to do about redoing the old wood. Just my two cents worth!

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