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IPC repair


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I will start a new thread on the repair of the IPC in 90 and 90 Models. There is a guy here in Wichita that does the repair on IPC's his prices are $250.00 and he will warranty his work. I have not tried him on the Reatta IPC but I have used him on the Riviera 84 model which is a combination of digital and analog. He is the only person who would attempt to repair that. He does not advertise but he is a good guy to know. If you want to have yours rebuilt and want to use him you can contact him at 316-529-4134 His name is Mark and he is located at 601 South Broadway Wichita, Kansas

Chuck Kerls

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Carl Cowles is a fine guy to deal with. It was a toss up to get one from Jim, which I think a lot of, or get one with a warranty. Carl (Digital Dash Solutions) sent me one that did not work and paid for the return shipping. My display now works fine. $150.00

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