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1963-65 Riviera Roof Rail Weatherstrip Kit


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I have a new-in-package, complete roof rail weatherstrip kit for 1963-65 Riviera. Left and right sides, including front mounting clips. This is the weatherstripping on the roof that the side windows roll up against.

This is a high-quality kit that has the moulded ends at the front, and the correct cellular rubber construction. I bought this kit from Clark's Corvair and Riviera Parts a short time ago. The part number on the bag is the Clark part number, and the numbers on the inside of the weatherstripping are the same as the Steele Rubber part number. So, I believe this is a kit made by Steele, and then marketed by Clark's. The current Steele Rubber price is $120, while Clark's sells this kit for $95.

NOTE: I took this kit out of its original packaging to take the photos. I'll include this packaging, when this weatherstrip kit is sold.

The price for this new-in-package roof rail weatherstrip kit I have is $88, plus the actual cost of shipping (no additional charge for "packing and handling"). Thanks for looking. John




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