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Guest Big Sexy


1948-56 Plymouth (Full Size with 10" Drum) Rear Drum (NWRA # X-21142) Qty. 1

1951-55 Plymouth (All to Service #13842484) Right Front (NWRA # X-30316) Qty. 2

1951-55 Plymouth (All to Service #13842484) Left Front (NWRA # X-30317) Qty. 1

1957-59 Plymouth (All with 11" Drums - Except 1959 Wagon) Right Front (NWRA # X-30320) Qty.3

1957-59 Plymouth (All with 11" Drums - Except 1959 Wagon) Left Front (NWRA # X-30321) Qty. 1

1960-61 Plymouth (All W/Inboard Mount Drum) (NWRA # X-21070) Qty. 1

1960-61 Plymouth (All full size w/inboard drum) (NWRA # X-21065) Qty. 8

1960-65 Plmouth (All Except Drums Mounted with Plain Shoulder Hub Bolts) (L Front) (NWRA # X-30289) Qty. 1

1963-64 Plymouth (All w/11x3 rear drums) Rear Drum (NWRA # X-21222) Qty. 1

1965 Plymouth Barracuda ( 6 Cly. ) (Left Front) (NWRA# X-30289) Qty. 1

If Interested in any or have questions - Call 1-800-927-2207

Lincoln Clutch & Brake Supply


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