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1936 Dodge Speedometer


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I don't recall ever seeing a white indicator needle for the '36 Dodge speedo. The only style I have seen for '36 is like the set of photos below. It is a black needle with small white lines on the two "chevrons" near the tip.

Would it be possible that the white one you are describing is from a different model of car and was used as a repair or replacement for a damaged or missing one? Or an attempt to make the speedo more visible in low light?

Do you have photos?



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Thanks for replying. It looks identical in every way to the one shown in the picture other than the indicator. I was wondering if maybe they used the white and red ones on ambulance? If I get a chance I will post a picture.

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More info: Here is one. May be the one you were asking about. It is exactly like the normal '36 Dodge Speedometer except for the white needle. Also check out the low miles! That also seems to support the Ambulance idea. ;) Was for sale on eBay till 05-16-2011.





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