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New Kids Choice Trophy idea for NJ AACA region


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*Mods, please feel free to move this to the right section if this is not the appropriate one.

This will be my first year as the Trophy and Awards Committee Chairperson for our region and trying to continue our clubs success, I ventured out to get trophy sponsors and related door prize / goody bag type items. Since I am only 34 yrs old, I figured I would try different vendors that I do or have done business with currently and in the past that my predecessors might not have used. While trying to get sponsors and car show material for our upcoming NJ Region AACA Spring Meet, I contacted Summit Racing Equipment for some goody bag stuff or other door prize items. In the "car show kit" they sent me was a banner, stickers, bags, and vehicle registration cards. What they also included blew my mind. It was Kids Choice ballots as well as stickers for kids that said "Special Judge - Kids Choice Award".

Knowing that we did not have a special award for this category (or even a category for it ever before) I took it upon myself after contacting the Spring Meet chairperson and made up a special hand made award that would be given out to the recipient with the most "Kids Choice" votes. Basically, with a little wood, paint, and the purchase of some Hot Wheels, I made up a simple design building that was similar to a small mechanics shop with one bay garage. Simple, effective, kids themed (with the toys), and will hopefully generate some interest in the younger generation to help get them involved in cars.

Just figured I would put this out there for anyone else who organizes a local show / meet as I thought this was a great way to get more families involved. I guess we shall see after our meet on May 1st.

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