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Tonneau Cover


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Does you T-Bird have a tonneau cover? If not, it is an easy problem to rectify. Tonneau covers are available from all the parts suppliers and they are not really difficult to install.

Tonneaus were first offered as a option for 1956 and also for installation through the dealer service department on 1955-56 models. The color of the tonneau was supposed to match the seat bolster color. Brown bolster, brown tonneau, etc.

The advantage of the tonneau is to allow the covering of the interior when you are away from the car, saving your upholstery from the inevitable bird dropping or a rogue summer rainstorm. On the downside, it can be cumbersome folding it up and putting it behind the seat. It also has a zipper down the middle which allows the driver to open one side and drive around continental style.

There are installation instructions in the Trim and Sealer Manual for Ford Sports Car (available from CTCI and vendors) and there are also instructions that come with the kit. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your car without spending an arm and leg this might be the way to go.

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