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How to remove a trim ring

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I have a Light Six Touring car and am wondering if anyone can help me out. The storm curtain rods fit into a hole in the top side of the doors. Surrounding this hole is a small nickel plated brass trim ring. I would like to re-nickel these rings but have no idea how to remove them without damaging them. So, my questions: Has anyone removed these successfully and if so, how? Are there replacements available? My other option is just to polish them up before painting. Thanks for a reply.



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They "may" be (as we have called it) "dinkled in, with a dinkle tool" There is a tool tha you put inside the opening, and squeeze it, that puts 2 dimples in the inside of the part, to essentially hold it into place. Early GM cars used this process on the door handle rings. Not sure about the curtain bezels.


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