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Anyone know of Ray Day pistons

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I have quite a few, apparently aftermarket, pistons of various sizes. They are embossed Ray Day. Can anyone tell me anything about such pistons? I have a wide variety of sizes, and would guess they were made in the 50s or earlier.

Was Ray Day a well known company in its day?

Thanks in advance,

Perry in Idaho

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Thanks for the link Commodore! You also reminded me that the search engines do work, and I found this link of a picture of the ray day factory in Seattle:

USC Digital Library - Interior view of the Ray Day Piston Factory in Seattle, Washington, 1930-1940, some of you guys will love this pic if you copy and paste to your browser. Amusing in a way. "Hey, dude, quit cuttin those skirts too wide". HO, "I will soon as you change that worn out drill bit". Seriously they probably more than made tolerance, it just strikes me as comical the way the factory looks.

As for the ebay book, I would consider buying it, but I think the numbers on my pistons may apply to later pistons, and it would not therefore well apply! Thanks, Commodore, and I appreciate any other leads. Perry in Idaho

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