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1927 Gauge face

Leif Holmberg

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Just wonder why they are two gauge face with reverced colors.In my parts book it says 1927 128" are, (Glass an escutcheon plate-cream face).But why are there a gauge with brown face too.Is it for a Canadin Built cars, or???.

Thanks for your help Leif in Sweden.



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I found the answer when looking a little bit more in my parts book.There are 2 different colors on gauges face on 1927 128" wheel base .Cream an Walnut.

The question is why are there 2 different colors,is it for open or closed cars,or is`t depending on the uppholstery, or outer paint colors.??

Leif in Sweden.

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My understanding of the Walnut faced gauges were only available on the Sports range of cars.

for example the 128" wb master series modelS 50,51, 54, 54C, 55 & 58

Part # 199786.

The parts book does list these models with part #199787

painted face gauges as well.

To narrow it down further the pictures of the car models in the front of the parts book show cars with bright nickel finish head lights these cars seem to be the ones with the walnut finished gauges cars

128" wb models 51,54,54C & 55

(in my experience this seems to be an acurate distiction but who really knows)

Another unique thing on these cars; with these headlights and park lights that are nickel plated brass drums not the pressed steel drum lights.

All other masters of the same year I have seen here in Australia have the plain face gauges.

A note be very careful with the walnut gauge faces as the wood is actualy presed into them and the backings are brass.

Do not refinish gauge faces in anything but an oil coating matt finish

A friend re laquered the gauge faces during restoration with a high gloss finish. Now at night when driving the car with the indirect dash lighting, he cannot see his gauges due to the reflection between the shiny finish and the glass face of the gauges.

Trust this helps.


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I have put the same question on 1927 Buick Yahoo,and I got a answer from R.Meade, he has a 1927 model 58 with Walnut face.I think all of 1927 128" wheel base has nickled head light and cowl lights ?.I think it has with the uppholstery and outer paint to do if it`s Walnut or Creame face.?????????

Maybe some one else with a 1927 128" can put a reply.

Leif in Sweden.

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My 27-54CC has cream color gauge faces, nickle plated brass headlight buckets and cowl light housings painted upper body color.

It is my belief that Master series closed cars had wood grain gauge faces, open cars had cream color.

Don B.

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