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oil leak- torque tube to differential


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With spring comes new surprises. Oil is leaking from the connection between the torque tube and the diffential. There does not seem to be any listing for a pinion seal in the chassis parts book for 1947 club coupe or any others than 1936. Last year my replacement of the overdrive oil seal seems to have only partial success. Could the oil leak be from the overdrive oil? There is a gasket between the torque tube and the diff, but that would not keep oil in the diff. I would appreciate advice.

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Don't believe there is any "seal" in the pinion area. I think they rely only on the gasket between torque tube flange and the differential housing. They also use paper gaskets between the axle housing(s) and the differential housing and same goes for the transmission housings. If the bolts are tight and the gaskets are still intact I think this is about as good as you can get. I think a little light seepage at these points is fairly normal, probably why service manual calls for checking oil levels in the transmission and differential every 1000 miles. Hopefully tightening the bolts that secure the torque tube to the differential will reduce the seepage? What little oil from the Overdrive that gets past it's rear seal would probably mix with the U joint lubricant.

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