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A friend is looking for a 1957 Olds "J-2" Intake Manifold, the Carbs and the Linkage - thermostat housing NOT necessary. Don't know whether he wants a complete unit or wants the parts! Send photos, Part Numbers etc. along with prices. He does not have a computer, so let me know what you have and I'll field the questions and answers for both parties. Thanks for any help you can give us.

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Guest blueboy60

i have one,#571145,olds j2 tri power with carbs and linkage,original,boxed and put up by my dad,taking offer before i put on EBAY,let me know after you research to.Not looking to make killing,but not giving away either.Money goes to my moms stay in nursing home account.Honest here ,you be to and we can deal,my regards,blueboy60

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