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Read an article about a Toyota Engine that was apparently marketed only in Japan. It was based on the Chrysler "Hemispherical" combustion chamber. I believe it was a V - 6 configuration. Does any one have or know of any information about this "Non - export" production engine? Many thanks!

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Nissan used a SOHC Hemi head in the old NAP-Z head with two spark plugs per cylinder and all V-G series two valve engines were a SOHC Hemi design. All the new Nissan engines V-Q series are compound pent-roof angle DOHC hemi with four valves per cylinder.

In the 70's a Toyota Crown with a I-6 engine I think was a hemi chamber too.

The engine your referring to is a Toyota engine built from 1963-67 used in a Toyota Century and was a V-8 at 2.6L. 2 valve

1967-73. Now Variants: a 3.0L variant 3 valve. A 1973-83 3.4 four valve and finally 1983-98 4.0L 5 valve. There is also another engine variant called a 5.0L V-12 DOHC. We see none of these engines in U.S.


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