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1963 trunk remote question & trunk torsion rod


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Hi all,

2 questions in one post:

63 Riviera, good shape, is getting a stock 63 remote trunk release added. I've routed everything per the body accessory manual back to the trunk vacuum unit. I see nowhere in the body manual if I'm supposed to trim the actuator arm from the trunk lock or have a specific one for the remote system. I see no obvious score line in the existing long manual key arm to trim it off. Some advice welcome before I inadvertently ruin something.

Second issue - I've got the trunk torsion rods under tension with one set to the middle notch and the other to the highest notch. Even at these settings the trunk lid doesn't move but a quarter inch when unlatched. It does unlock but none of the trunk popping open action that other cars provide. I've heard anecdotally that this is pretty standard for this model. Agree, disagree, solutions etc?


Deano Koehler

Beaverton, Or

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I'm not sure what you're asking. My car came from the factory with the trunk release; you can get a trunk seal almost anyplace. I'd almost bet that the remote trunk release would be the same for all Buicks from that era. I've seen them on ebay often. Option code Z4 and that would be an option that would be stamped into the firewall data plate.

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I think we've drifted a bit here. My original question was how to modify the original manual trunk lock long actuating rod to accept adding the remote unlocking unit. As it turns out I just bit the bullet and trimmed it to fit with a little bit of trial and thankfully no error so it works fine.

For Mike - I have actually had this accessory for about 25 years when I yanked it off a 63 headed to the crusher for $5 with the intent of modifying it to fit my 58 Chevy. Turned out that was waaaay harder than I thought and I wasn't about to hack into the Chevy trunk to make it work, so there it sat until I bought the car to fit it this past July. I don't recommend buying cars to fit your accessories... it gets spendy!

I see them pop up on eBay occasionally. Seems like they go for $100 to $125 when they do.

Deano K

Beaverton, OR

'63 Rivvie

and others

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Where is the button that you push to pop the trunk with this trunk release?


Lower left corner inside the glove box. Mount is about two inches square and the chrome knob is about 1" round. Hard to miss when you open the glove box if you have this option. And it is not a push button, it is a "Pull" knob.

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