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Newbie here from England UK

Guest grumpydad

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Guest grumpydad

Newbie here from England UK


We have lots of questions hope you guys can answer them

My daughter and I plan to come to the USA later this year and want to buy a small cab over engine truck or van. The COE will need to be put into good mechanical order while we are in USA whilst the body is not so important as we can do this when we get the COE back to England.

The idea is to buy some thing and then drive it around America for a while and

then to a port for shipping.

The reason for this is we have a 1939 Caddy with twin side mounts, it is right hand drive import from south Africa and trying to get parts here is impossible.

We can do the work ourselves we will probably want to modified it in the USA

different engine gear box but with carb not fuel injection, different front clip

maybe different rear axel.

Now the questions we need to know about are

title and registration documents.

Where is a good place to start hunting for a COE?

When it is road worthy what we need to do so we can drive it on the road?

Can we do the work yes I think so

Hear is a link to Lucy latest project

Mermitate | The Airstream becoming a boat.

as for me well

just finshed a Bedford ca pick up new front clip MGB cut and widened 8 inches

Volvo 940 rear axel

Caddy 5 speed gear box on the flat head motor

And we own 6 other English cars all modified

Lets hope we get lots of advice

Thanks henry

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One thing I think may help - could you give an idea what year truck or van you are looking for. There were cCOE trucks from the '30s, I think. But I get the impression you are looking for a newer van, so you can us eit toi find the Caddy parts/ Is thatn correct?


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Guest grumpydad

Hi John

thanks for coming back so quickley

hear is a link

cab over engine - Google Search

hope that works

the person with the taste is lucy its her call but my guess is 1940 to late 50s so that it has a rounded front

the problem is that we dont know a lot about them

so any links would be of great help

the cadddy

well it had no steering box so i got one from the USA and fitted it

and because it was right hand drive when you turn the wheel right the road wheels go left

sorted that in the end buy fitting a steering rack from a jaguar

had no peddel box or bell hoousing the left hand drive ones will not fit

so now got a hydraulic clutch and 2 master cylinders for the brakes

dual circuit brakes

hope to have the caddy driving in the next 6 weeks

Thanks henry

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What can be said of a bloke who can turn an Airstream trailer into

a bloody floating boat (of all things) .....

Well, certainly you are resourceful ;)

Aside from that - when you get stateside I imagine you will encounter

no problems finding a COE here.

Personally - I would limit your search to Utah - Montana -South Dakota -

Nebraska - Idaho - Nevada - New Mexico

PM me & I will send you some top secret search engine sites :cool:


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