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Barry D

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Ready to paint brake bands and drums on front of 25 Master.They were painted same color as body and was wondering if this is right.I would think black. Got ign lock cyl with new keys today so will send Transmission lock to him if it will come out. Weather makes slow going,hard to sandblast in the rain. Thanks for any help

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I have never seen an original brake band with any paint on it. I think black would be a good choice baring any response from someone who knows more about this.

The brake drum and spokes are body color.

The trasmission lock cylinder is held into the plunger by a snap ring which fits into a grove in the cylinder and matching grove in the plunger.

To remove the cylinder, you have to drill 3 holdes in the plunger and compress the snap ring.

Hopefully the lock smith can cut a key from the code on the cylinder and the cylinder will be free to turn.

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