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Need help from KCL (owner)


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In the need to be accurate and the lack of original parts or pics for my truck I humbly ask for the following? Does anyone have decent pics of the door handles/estucheons/window cranks for a '34 DB truck? I see them on ebay but cant always believe someone thats only looking for profit.

If I am going original with this I dont want someone at a car show laughing and saying - "those are '37 plymouth handles"

Thanks to y'all in advance!

A pic of the crank hole cover would be incredible too. I have a fuzzy far away pic and it looks oval, but the hole is round? Very strange. It looks like a six, but then kinda like just a v shaped accent. :confused:

Stop giggling KCL / Keiser / 1930, Im trying real hard to learn just a little of what y'all know .hahaha

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All half-ton or Commercials as Dodge called them shared most of the parts with 1933 passenger cars. The crank hole cover were almost oval with a stamped six in it. The larger trucks had a round plain crank hole cover.

The handle picture shows some of my small parts. The upper left window cranks are 1933 passenger. I don't know if the Commercials and Trucks are the same.

I think the three in the middle bottom row are from 1934, but I'm not shure.

As far as I know are the door handles and estucheons the same in 1933-34 and you can see them in the middle upper row.





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The handles with the white 'plastic' knobs are later than the '33-'35 Dodge Commercials. The 'plain' door handles and windows cranks are correct. I believe they are also the same as on a 1933 Plymouth. Those round escutcheons are basically universal for many vehicles for many years. The outside door handles appear to have too much of a 'curl' for them to be '33-'35 Commercial but I'm not sure. The hood handles,if that's what they are, are too 'long'. All CPDD vehicles used the same generic chome hood handles for many years. It will be obvious if you're even close because they will have to fit the holes in the hood sides. (I was making a movie in Toronto on a very hot Summer day many years ago and the car had turned into an oven! I sitting just off scene waiting for my run through sign,I was 'traffic', from the 2nd Director when I reached for the window crank and it came off in my hand! Why is it that the window crank could have come off at home,at a meet, or anyplace else but NO it came off right there when I couldn't get out of the car and I couldn't even open the door. And I'm under a lot of stress! I cranked the windshield open,I had too!,and drove up the street like that. The scene was cut from the movie and I believe it was my wide open windshield that did it.)

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